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About Kelly Lynn

As a certified business, leadership and life coach, writer, motivational speaker and founder of, Kelly Lynn has helped thousands of women build smart and sustainable businesses. She has helped women to redefine success through shifting their mindsets, increasing their confidence, and stepping into their divine power.

Kelly Lynn is the author of The Little Pink Book Manifesto: 10 Powerful Tools That Will Transform Your Life & Your Business and The Jersey Girl’s Guide to Increasing Revenue & Confidence In Your Business. Kelly Lynn has also spent over 10 years in corporate finance for some of the top fashion and retail brands in the world.

She is on a mission to help one woman and one business at a time realize that they can be, do and have anything that they desire. On her path to leave a legacy for the next generation to come, she teaches woman on how to do the same.

Kelly Lynn’s passion for business, love of entrepreneurship and proven success secrets are often sought out by the media, she has been featured on, Huffington Post, GMA’s Tory Johnson’s Spark & Hustle,, and Goddess Magazine to name a few. She is regularly a guest speaker for companies including PNC Bank and you can see her must watch business videos on her YouTube channel KellyLynnAdamsTV. In 2013, Kelly Lynn was nominated for The Stiletto Woman of The Year Award and also contributed to Amazon’s best books of 2014, Jersey Women Mean Business! Big Bold Business Advice from New Jersey Women Business Owners: Practical Pointers, Solutions and Strategies for Business Success.

As a social influencer, Kelly Lynn can be hired for speaking engagements, brand ambassadorships, brand sponsored, and on-camera opportunities.








Let’s talk about YOU.

 You’re a woman who… 

  • knows that Saturday afternoon BRAVO marathons can be just as spiritually replenishing as silent meditation retreats. 
  • works your tail off to make a good name for yourself in the corporate world. (When the CEO has a special project, they come to you to make sure it’s done RIGHT.) 
  • Has launched (or wants to launch) a business on the side.
  • Possesses the drive to do something GREAT, leave your mark on the world, and make some real cash flow, Baby!

You want it all, and you know you can have it. Only right now, you’re overbooking, overstretching, and overworking yourself into the ground.

Most days, you feel more like Kramer (from Seinfield) than Carrie Bradshaw. (Hyped on caffeine, walking into doors and possibly similar hair styles.) Stress wrinkles are starting to set in from all that time you spend with your brow furrowed. At night, you literally *fall* asleep from exhaustion, after scarfing down dinner at 10:30pm. 

You secretly wonder if this is really the way to “have it all.” Truthfully, this lifestyle is NOT what you had in mind.

Sound familiar?

I’ve been there, and I’m here to help you have it all – the Stylish, Successful, & Soul Powered way!

First, you need to step out of the “one-size-fits-all” Old Navy assembly line to success that only leads to burnout.

Next, we’ll redesign your life from scratch – and tailor it to YOUR values, YOUR goals, YOUR dreams, and YOUR desired lifestyle.

Get Ready Ladies! Results of working with Kelly Lynn include:

  • A new commitment to radical self-care
  • Less stress, frustration and resentment towards your colleagues and to-do’s
  • A simplified + streamlined schedule
  • A business built around your core desires, passions, and talents
  • More clients, more moola and more fun
  • Better connections & relationships with VIPs in big places
  • Dating, Traveling, and looking gorgeous just ‘cause you want to
  • (And more.) 

Here’s my story…

By looking at my shoe collection in my twenties, you would have thought that I “had it all.”

I had Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen and Gucci in my closet.

It appeared as though this Jersey Girl was living the dream — working in the fashion industry, partying like a rock star, and wearing designer shoes every day of the week.

But when I was denied my 7th(!) credit card, I found out how expensive “having it all” really was: $40,000-in-credit-card debt expensive.

The truth was: I was deeply unhappy, and was anxiously grabbing at fashion, men, alcohol and my career to fill the void.

I was striving for what I thought success was. And it started to take a devastating toll on my life — and my body.

I had to make over my life from head to toe.

So, I started working on myself.
(I did whatever whatever it took and went within to redesign my life.)

I chanted in a sweat lodge with 60 people for 3 hours.
I walked on hot coals.
I went on a 5-mile hike with 6 bricks in a backpack to test my endurance.
I worked with a Shaman.
I purchased books, hired top coaches; attended seminars; practiced abundance, love and success rituals; and developed a meditation practice.


And slowly but surely — things shifted.

  • I paid off every last penny of that $40K credit card debt.
  • I changed my diet and lifestyle and lost 20 pounds.
  • I began a deep journey of self-love.
  • I committed to non-negotiable self-care regimens that fill me up so I can do massive work in the world.
  • I built my own business where I help women in corporate jobs create businesses they love the smart and sustainable way.

 I discovered that to have a fabulous life + biz, you have to hand-tailor it to your values, your dreams, your goals, and your desired lifestyle.

And I’m here to help you do that.

Fun facts about Kelly Lynn… 

  • My mom loved the show Charlie’s Angels so much that she named me after one of the girls! 
  • I am an Aquarius and fit every characteristic that comes with the sign. 
  • I am a born and raised Jersey Girl. I don’t think I have an accent but some people say that I do and it’s a mix between “valley girl” with a splash of “Rocky.” 
  • My guilty pleasure is watching The Real Housewives and The Kardashians. (Yours too? I had a feeling…) 
  • Miss Piggy was my all time favorite character, and I didn’t even like the Muppets. (That pig knows style and owns her worth!) 
  • In my teens, I lived by the motto, “The higher the hair, the closer to God.” (The hair has since calmed down.) 

Want to get your business + life runway ready — without running ragged?

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