“Kelly Lynn is doing AMAZING work to show women a new way of living. She reminds women to THINK BIGGER for themselves in terms of what’s possible in their business and their lives.”

– Kate Northrup

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The VIP Intensive Strategy Session

4 – Hour VIP Intensive Strategy Session

Something’s gotta change, and pronto. You’re DONE overworking yourself and under-loving life. You need a mix of some divine intervention mixed with a grounded action plan to get your business off the ground and in cruise control.

You’re in luck. You know how amazing you feel after getting a massage, haircut, and perfect outfit? The VIP Intensive Strategy Session is like that – for your business & lifestyle.

Here’s how we make your life over from head to toe:

We kick things off before the session even starts – so that we can make the most of every minute and you can get double your value of the intensive.

So how does it work:

  • First you will receive a pre-questionnaire which you will fill out, before the session which will help me get to know more about you, where you are, where you want to go. This will also potentially give you more clarity around your situation and you may even have some ah-ha moments along the way.
  • We will set up a 90 minute “meet and great” call to get to know you better and review the next steps.
  • We set up a date and time for the VIP Intensive Strategy Session and an invoice will be sent to you. 
  • VIP Strategy Session. You talk. I listen. We will come up with actionable strategies and tools so that you know what exactly your game plan is and what you need to do. You might even get some clarity and figure out a solution to a problem right on the spot. Bottom line you will have breakthroughs and you will know how to get to your next destination.
  • This session will be recorded so you don’t need to worry about taking notes but you can if you want to.
  • After the VIP Intensive Strategy Session, 30 days later we will have a follow up call to see what progress you have made, see if you need to course correct or need any additional support and/or guidance.
  • Then 30 days after your first follow up we will have another follow up call for additional support
  • All calls will be recorded and you will receive email support following your first initial session (up to 2 weeks afterwards)

Here is what you will receive:

4 Hour VIP Intensive Strategy Session
1 Virtual session with me over the Phone/Skype or Zoom (or if you are in NY or NJ we can meet in person)
2 Follow up – 30 minute sessions (1 the following month & 1 the following month after that)
Email support following the session (up to 2 weeks)

During our session, we help you to:

#1: Create a business design + action plan

  • Design your customized Money Strategy & Marketing Plan — Whether it’s finding more clients, boosting the value of your offerings, or launching a new program, we strategize how to increase your biz revenue & reach
  • Build your Operations Procedures Plan — so your biz can work for you, rather than you for it!
  • Create + Launch your Exit Strategy — Ready to trade the corner cubicle for your home office? We create a smart, sustainable plan for letting go of the safety net and going all in as an entrepreneur. (You got this!)

#2: Redesign your lifestyle + self-care

  • We create your very own Self-Love strategy (Because it’s true — the more you love you, the more the Universe wants to give you. So let’s give you a major self-love injection!)
  • We create a sustainable schedule so you have more time in your life for building your business AND for play, freedom + fun

Plus, after the session, you get…

#3) Bonus! Follow-up Support & Accountability Calls

  • My priority is for you to get results, and see changes in your life and business! After our VIP session, you get two BONUS private coaching calls to support you through implementation.
  • You also get access to an exclusive community of powerful, like-minded women. After our session, you get the opportunity to connect, lean on, support, bounce ideas off of, make further connections, collaborate and do potential business with the powerful change-makers in my network!

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