“Kelly Lynn is doing AMAZING work to show women a new way of living. She reminds women to THINK BIGGER for themselves in terms of what’s possible in their business and their lives.”

– Kate Northrup

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Ever have a morning where, after getting that first email & facebook fix, and finishing off the first coffee of the day, you get that… feeling?

It usually sets in after looking at the clock and realizing you have *7* more hours of the day ahead of you — stuck at this desk.

It’s not that you dislike your job. In fact, all in all, it’s a pretty sweet gig. Decent money. Comfy chair. Good central air conditioning.

But, there’s that twinge — that hunger. A part of you inside knows…

It’s VERY possible for life to be much, much more fulfilling.
To do work that feels like play.
To make a difference in the lives of incredible people.
And to bring in not just good — but GREAT — money.   

So how do you make that happen (without burning out your adrenals in the process)?

Because let’s be honest. Your current idea of balance is chasing your 3pm Red Bull with a green juice.

And while running yourself ragged 8 days a week may seem like the only way to create the thriving life + business you really want, it’s not.

“Having it all” does not require doing it all.

You can balance your 9-5, build a business you love on the side and have a life of freedom + fun in the process.

And I can help you do it.

I help working women like you to make over your life + business so you can have it all.

Here’s how we design the lifestyle + business you’re ready for:

The Private Coaching Life + Business Redesign
(6-Month or 3-Month One on One Program)

Cue Vogue. You’re ready to throw out all the duds in your life (the job that sucks the life from you, the self-talk that keeps you playing small, and the cramped schedule with no time for fun, not to mention those bad boys bringing your self-esteem down!).

You’re done feeling stressed, overbooked, and overworked. You want it all – and you want to feel amazing while creating it.

That’s where I come in. It’s like that scene in The Devil Wears Prada, where Anne Hathaway tosses her frumpy clothes and comes out looking like a million bucks.

Together, we’ll overhaul what you don’t love and make over your life + business from head to toe.

Take a peek inside the Private Coaching Life + Biz Redesign here.

The VIP Intensive Makeover
4-Hour VIP Intensive

Something’s gotta change, and pronto! You’re DONE overworking yourself and under-loving your life. You need a mix of some divine intervention mixed with a grounded action plan to get your business off the ground and in cruise control.

You’re in luck. You know how amazing you feel after getting a massage, haircut, and perfect outfit? The VIP Day is like that – for your business & lifestyle.

Check out the VIP Intensive Makeover here.


Want to get your business + life runway ready — without running ragged?

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