When all else fails…….


I want you to stop, drop and meditate!

We have all experienced a time or two, where things weren’t going our way or as we had planned.

And it totally sucks!

Maybe we didn’t hit that goal we set for ourselves, didn’t make the money we had hoped for and we are still waiting around for that guy to call, text or show up.

Sometimes if things could just work out according to OUR plans, we think the world would be a better place but most of the time things work out in divine right order, on God’s time line and for our highest good….which sometimes doesn’t match up to our own personal timeline.

We then control, manipulate, overthink, overfeel and ask our closest friends what we should do when really all of this is totally normal but what we really have to do is to stop, drop and meditate.

Cut out the noise that is going on in our heads and around us AND make sure that we are taking care of ourselves. In these moments of disappointment, fear, rejection and other negative emotions we just need to breathe through them, feel them, honor them then take care of ourselves.

It is going to feel uncomfortable. You might not necessarily know the right next step but if you trust, surrender and have faith you will be guided to take the next right aligned action.

Some of our biggest breakdowns are sometimes some of our greatest breakthroughs.

So how will you get through this time if you are experiencing disappointment, rejection and failure?

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