The Secret to Manifesting Money & Miracles


“You already have the ability to own and possess all the money and miracles that you need.” – David Neagle

I recently was in a financial situation that had me down on my knees (sounds kinda dirty right..I digress) anyway when I was on my knees I said a prayer and asked for a miracle. That same morning I hit my knees and asked for a miracle, guess what that afternoon I received a miracle. What was the miracle you ask? Well, I signed up for a free teleclass called The Miracle of Money, with Master Success Mentor for Entrepreneurs and Speakers, David Neagle ~ the teleclass was filled with great content and he was picking a winner for a spot in his coaching course. Guess who won the spot, yours truly (this was my miracle)! I was beyond excited and did a little happy dance after I heard the news! The course just started and it is filled with such great tools, techniques and tips on how to create more miracles and money in your life. I wanted to share with you 5 key steps that you can take in order to shift your mindset to manifest more money and miracles.

Secret 1: Get Clear – The universe is already on your side and is more eager to give you what you want than you are aware of; however you need to get uber clear about what it is that you need and want. It is like going out to dinner and trying to order something but have no idea what you want, you can ask the waiter/waitress what they would recommend but ultimately you need to be clear about what you want when you place your order. So when placing your order to the Universe, first you need to get clear of what is it that you need financially on a monthly basis so that the universe can give and guide you to exactly what you need. Secondly you want to get crystal clear on all that you want and where you want your life to go. I recommend taking some time either on paper or on your computer and making both lists!

Secret 2: Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life & Your Thoughts –When asking for a miracle you want to first start by taking 100% responsibility with where you are currently in your life. Taking 100% responsibility in your life means that you can’t blame anyone else for your situation and being aware that you ultimately have the power to choose whatever it is that you want in your life. Sometimes we abuse this power of choice that we have and can self-sabotage ourselves by playing the blame game or constantly thinking negative thoughts or scenario’s. When we don’t take 100% responsibility for our life or thoughts and think negative thoughts these negative thoughts are messages being sent to the universe confirming what we are thinking. What we think about we bring about.

Secret 3: Fall In Love With The Idea That It Is Going To Happen– If you are looking for success from an outside force and are constantly trying to push, struggle, or control a person or a situation; success is not going to come to you easily. However if you look for success from an inner place and fall in love with the idea that whatever you want will happen; success will come with great ease. For example, when you first truly fall in love with a person it does not require constant pushing, struggling or controlling; in fact your mind can’t stop thinking about the other person your thoughts just flow with ease. Fall in love with the idea that it is going to happen. So let go of anything that you are attached to that has been preventing you from making the money and miracles appear in your life.

Secret 4: Make a Decision and Do NOT Look Back – Once you make a decision to move forward with something do not consider anything else. When you second guess yourself or the decision this can impact the result. Once the decision is made everything you need for the outcome to manifest is at work and in motion. Try practicing your ability to make a decision and sticking to your guns.

Secret 5: Identify All Opportunities in Your Life – Even if they don’t look like those bright shiny objects that we sometimes want. Sometimes our biggest failures or mistakes turn out to be our biggest opportunities. List out all of the opportunities that you are aware of that are present in your life right now or any future opportunities that have potential. Just by making this list will raise your energy level and tells the Universe that you want to create more miracles and opportunities in your life!

I would love to hear how you create miracles and/or money in your life! Also please share any miracles that have happened to you recently! I would love to hear your comments!

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