A Shout Out to 9 to 5’ers with a Business on the Side



To the 9 to 5’er who gets judged for still having a day job and is not considered a true entrepreneur. You are more than good enough. You ARE an entrepreneur who wants to build a profitable, sustainable business without struggling. Keep letting them judge you it is not their journey it is YOURS. You make the rules according to YOUR life.

To the 9 to 5’er who is struggling with their commute, their boss and the not so nice co-workers. Do what you gotta do, this is just temporary. Remember that you ALWAYS have choice and can choose a different mindset, job or another way.

To the 9 to 5’er who compares herself to her other peers on social media that are posting about their amazing results and feeling like why can’t that be me and feels like she is doing something wrong because it hasn’t happened for her yet. Keep going, sometimes you don’t always see the full picture or know the full story. Don’t compare your page 5 to someone else’s page 315. Everyone’s journey is unique, valid and will become whatever you want it to become. Persistence, dedication, passion and drive always win.

To the 9 to 5’er whose family/friends/spouse/significant other who do not believe in you. Prove them wrong. You got this!

To the 9 to 5’er who are hustling so that they can have a better life. You got this and you’re an awesome example to everyone who does not believe it is possible to do both at the same time (meaning holding down a job and building a business at the same time).

To the 9 to 5’er who haven’t made the money that she expects yet but she has a clear vision, drive, passion and knows she can achieve anything, do anything and be anything. Keep going.

To the 9 to 5’er who have a cleaning lady, someone to prepare her meals and a team to help her because she has a business to grow and a life to live and is smart enough to outsource whatever is not in her zone of genius. God bless delegation and outsourcing.

To the 9 to 5’er who feels like they are missing out because they can’t attend every event, gathering or mastermind because their time is limited. Saying NO is sometimes the best way to be more productive, more efficient and practice self-love. Remember short term sacrifice for long term success.

To the 9 to 5’er who feels overwhelmed, burnout and stressed out. Take time for you first. Remember your health first business second. You can not serve from an empty cup.

To the 9 to 5’er who has all these amazing ideas but only has limited time and energy to implement only one idea. Get focused, take action and create results. You can absolutely do this.

To the 9 to 5’er who just needs a day off from everything. Say F it and take the day off. You deserve it!

Pass this along to a 9 to 5’er, side hustler friend! We all need a little support and cheering on along this journey!!

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