The Little Pink Book Manifesto

10 Powerful Tools That Will Transform Your Life & Your Business!

Price $9.95USD

PINKBOOK_revised_PICTUREIf you need a little jump start in your business and life, The Little Pink Book is for you. In this e-book, I have given you the tools that have helped me in my own personal life and business. Whether I wanted to grow my business, reduce my overall stress, shift my perception to see something in a different way, transform my life, change my thoughts, or rediscover inner strength, peace, and happiness, these tools have guided me tremendously.

I’m giving you the heads up now that these tools will produce results if you are A) willing to use them and B) implement them on a consistent basis.

For some of you these tools will be totally new to you, and for others they will be a gentle reminder. I challenge you not only to read these 10 transformational tools but to incorporate one or even a couple of them into your daily routine.




The Jersey Girl’s Guide To Increasing Revenue & Confidence In Your Business

3 Part Tele-Series

Price: $29.95USD

JerseyGirl_Revised MP3 PICTUREAs savvy entrepreneurs you know what you want and you always find a way to get it. You think you are doing everything right by investing time, energy and money into your businesses and your personal development in order to fulfill your mission, purpose and dreams.

You are taking action, planning, strategizing & collaborating with others yet you still do not see the revenue that we would like. At times your confidence may be shaken up or barely even exist. You feel like a fraud or not good enough because you are comparing both yourself and your services to others and what they are providing.

You put up with not making as much money as you deserve or as you thought you would and you are afraid of being seen, heard and judged by others. As entrepreneurs, you are here to change the world, and you know that your purpose, passion and perseverance can help so many people yet you are human and can sometimes get sick and tired of waiting for your dreams to come true, so you ask the Universe when is IT going to happen for me.

Your business is your passion, your vision, your dream and maybe even your plan B (that you desperately want to become your plan A) yet at times you just feel like giving up because quite honestly you are not getting the results that you want fast enough.

So if you are struggling with the following:

  • turning the profit that you want in your business, while doing what you LOVE
  • focus & prioritizing – knowing where to invest your energy
  • managing your time between your business, family & friends & “me” time
  • how to do it all when you are just starting out or a solo-preneur
  • feeling confident in all that you do & provide to your customers (without feeling like a fraud)
  • staying motivated & inspired in your business (while mastering your negative monkey mind)

Then this 3 part tele-series is for you!

In this Jersey Girl’s teleclass you will learn:

  • The top 5 money making mindset tools that you need in order to create sustainable success from the inside out!
  • How to Manage & Shift Your Energy in Order To Create Ease, Flow & Abundance In Your Business
  • 3 Step Strategy Process to Help You Attract The Clients & Business You Want
  • My Secret 3C’s for Generating a Profit in Your Business
  • Make More Money by Taking Care of Yourself & Being You

Call #1: NJ Stinkin Thinkin: How to Remove Your Mental Trash In Order To Get A Business That ROCKS!

Call #2: Fist Pump All The Way To The Bank: It’s All About Planning & Strategy Baby

Call #3: The Jersey Table Flip: Stop Talking & Start Doing

P.S. I want you to know I have been in your shoes & want to teach you some of the result-driven techniques that I have implemented in my own business (that I have learned through trial & error, my own experiences as an entrepreneur and spending LOTS of money on kick a** coaches & strategists) that have brought me amazing success & many shifts in my business! I want to shorten your learning curve in any way that I can & bring you content that you can implement in your business in order to bring in the money (that you deserve) & ignite your confidence. So get ready to experience one (or maybe even more) ah-ha moment(s) that will change your life as well as your business for good.




The After 5 Club Online Video Series

(Free For A Limited Time Only)

The After Five Club


This online video series will help you to reach and uncover your highest potential in the most sustainable manner.

I hand picked the 25 speakers who will provide amazing content that will help you to create simple yet drastic results on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. Kick- a$$ change happens from the inside out. You don’t have to quit your job in order to make your business aka “your side hustle” into a reality.

The After 5 Club video training series is going to bring you tons of valuable information, tools and techniques that you can implement whether you:

A) Want to keep your career and continue your side hustle

B) Want to make the transition to full time entrepreneur

C) Want to have multiple streams of income coming in and want to make more money in “your side hustle”

Join me as I interview each expert, I promise this video training series is going to be off the charts good, so come play with us!

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