“Kelly Lynn Adams is a true ~ing Girl through and through. Her passion for life and her positivity are contagious. Kelly is a powerful force who is serving the world through beautiful content and endless love.”

– Gabrielle Bernstein, NY Times Best Selling Author

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Kate Northrup

Kelly Lynn is doing amazing work to show women a new way of living. She walks her walks and learns every day in her own life and then shares that with her audience authentically. Kelly Lynn reminds women to think bigger for themselves in terms of what’s possible in their business and their lives.

Kate is the author of Money: A Love Story. Read more about her work here.

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Jaclyn Mullen


My grandparents died, within three weeks of each other. They were my entrepreneurial and life idols–soul mates, successful achievers of the American Dream, dedicated to family. It could have been a very dark time for me. Lord knows it hurt like hell. But in their honor, I had to keep going. I had to carry on their legacy. However, as a solopreneur, exhausting my 40 hours of services per week, I was emotionally tapped out. I quickly turned to Kelly Lynn Adams for support and guidance. Immediately after our first session, she was able to help me get the process going to start a 360 degree be transition. She gave me the confidence, support and exposure to explore the launch of an online program as an additional revenue stream in my business.This Juicy Jersey girl can keep it real and relative at the same time! Spiritually grounded but business savvy, Kelly Lynn Adams was a catalyst for great change within me.


Learn more about Jaclyn Mullen Media here.

Jen Groover


I absolutely adore Kelly Lynn! She is blazing a trail as a thought leader for the next generation to come and changing the way women think about having it all from having successful careers to living a life that they love. She is making an impact and leaving a legacy for the next generation to come. Kelly Lynn smart, savvy, stylish, successful, and a powerful compassionate leader. – Innovator. Entrepreneur. Author. Motivational Speaker.

Gabrielle Bernstein

Kelly Lynn Adams is a true ~ing Girl through and through. Her passion for life and her positivity are contagious. Kelly is a powerful force who is serving the world through beautiful content and endless love.


NY Times Best Selling Author of May Cause Miracles, Add More ~ing To Your Life and Spirit Junkie

Liz Theresa


Kelly Lynn caught my eye as the most authentic of any coach I’ve worked with – she gets to know you on a very real level and offers specific tools and strategies for success in business and in life. This past month I have actually made the most money yet! I work hard still, yes – but I manage it better. By improving the way I manage my time, I can go out to lunch with a friend in the middle of my work day GUILT-FREE. I was not coping well with my workload — Kelly Lynn taught me how to make my schedule work for me! I was giving all my energy to my clients (good for them, but not good for ME). So, I’ve been using Kelly Lynn’s tricks and to-dos to make sure my schedule could accommodate me going to the gym, going out to lunch, going shopping, etc. I totally recommend Kelly Lynn!


See more about Liz and her Marketing Coaching and Web Designer services here.

Lauren Wardell, Founder of Vitality Coaching


Working with Kelly Lynn helped me gain the confidence to change my niche to align with my passion and made me further realize how important putting yourself first. Kelly Lynn’s coaching group has connected me with like-minded people that are just like me.


See more about Laura and her company, Vitality Coaching here. 

Phoebe Hook


Kelly guidance is invaluable and it’s true when she says you can have it all! I would absolutely recommend Kelly Lynn to anyone that wants to grow their business. You might already be quite successful in what you do, but there is always room to grow and Kelly Lynn can help you become all you have ever imagined you can be. My business grew because I knew where to focus my time. I wanted to make my business the best it can be in a short amount of time. I didn’t want to spend months feeling my way through and wasting time making unnecessary mistakes. Since working with Kelly Lynn I am more confident in the use of my time. I can clearly identify areas that work best for me and I am now able to say no to opportunities that don’t sit well with me, and continue working towards the bigger picture.


Whitney McMillan


I highly recommend working with Kelly Lynn especially if you are a busy overwhelmed biz gal who feel pulled in a million directions…especially if you want to get a handle on time management, prioritizing, and valuing yourself. Since working with Kelly Lynn, I am more balanced and I’m prioritizing with increased confidence by valuing my relationships and heath far more. But the #1 reason I recommend Kelly Lynn is because of Kelly Lynn herself! Kelly Lynn creates a beautiful community of support in her programs. I was a honored to be included with such great respect and caring. Kelly Lynn is a relationship guru! She invited deep interaction and supported people along the way with incredibly authentic compassion and over-the-top giving. She is present so fully.


Learn more about Whitney’s Overwhelm Freedom Coaching here. 

Clarisa Mompremier


Since working with Kelly Lynn, I have notice so many changes. I am much more organized. I have increased my belief in myself and my business. I am now able to set goals and accomplish them. Kelly Lynn has tons of knowledge but presents its in a relatable manner. I loved her warmth and her passion for empowering women entrepreneurs. Her belief made me believe even more. I was able to generate more clients and design an offering that felt good to me. I loved the one on one coaching with Kelly Lynn. I felt Kelly got me. I knew she was fabulous, but I had now idea HOW fabulous! I would totally recommend Kelly Lynn, it was a great investment in my growth and in my business!


Learn More About Clarisa’s Holistic Life Coaching services here.

Rebecca Casciano


From our first meeting, Kelly Lynn has been a support and inspiration. Her positive vibes and “make it happen, girl” attitude is uplifting…Kelly Lynn is a great listener, motivator, advisor and cheerleader! When working together, she helped me clearly identify my goals and stay on course to complete a big project. She also encouraged me to celebrate my accomplishments along the way, which made the process so much more enjoyable and less stressed.

 Learn more about Rebecca’s Health Coaching Business here. 

Eliza Orleans


Working with Kelly Lynn has been such a gift. Her energy and enthusiasm is so inspiring. She is an attentive listener and really helped me break away from the negative thought patterns that have been controlling my life. I came to her with questions about my career, and she helped me see so many possibilities that I had never even considered. We made plans each week to address issues that would come up for me, and the results were astounding. I always felt encouraged, motivated, and loved. And now I have a go to person! I am so grateful. I highly recommend Kelly Lynn as a coach. She is an incredible woman with so much to offer, and I can assure you that she will help you grab life by the reins and find happiness.

Mary Katherine


I have never been one to think I need a life coach but I decided to work with her and see where it took me. Within 15 minutes of being on the phone, Kelly Lynn helped me to forget every fear I had. It was so easy speaking with Kelly Lynn and being able to relate on so many levels based on our personalities. Kelly Lynn is so unbelievably understanding, supportive, and great listener. I feel like I can trust her with anything I say and I know that I will be getting the best advice from her. Her dedication to this type of work shows that she not only cares about what she does but she always puts her clients first which was one reason why I decided to have Kelly Lynn as my coach. If you were like me and have always had this idea that you do not need a life coach, I encourage you to listen to Kelly Lynn’s videos and take her advice. She knows exactly what she is talking about. Not only do I have a coach, but I also have a friend and an inspiration for the rest of my life.

Learn more about Mary here.

Clare Merlo

Kelly is an insightful coach, posting great questions that really make me think in new ways. I especially appreciate that Kelly is very generous in sharing her ‘coaching business knowledge’ with me, as this has reduced my learning curve and has focused me to look beyond some of my limiting beliefs, I highly recommend Kelly.

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