How to Be Grateful When Your Job Sucks


Most of us have been been in a job that pretty much just sucks.

Any way that you slice it, the job just doesn’t feed your mind, passion or wallet.

So how do you stay grateful when your job sucks?

1. Remembering You Always Have Choice. Whether you really know it or not, you actually get to choose everyday if you want to keep going into that job, call out sick, find another job, keep growing your side hustle after hours or leave all together. Sometimes when our environment is not exactly what we want we can play victim, start complaining and stay put. If you are not happy, do something about it, life is short and you have to create a life that you love to live. I am not saying to quit your job tomorrow; however I am saying you have the power to choose, decide and then take actions based on your values. Shift your perception. Shift your world.

2. You Are Getting Paid. The bottom line is that you are getting paid for doing a specific job. This money is helping to pay your bills, other expenses and fund your business. If you are not getting paid what you are worth ask for more or create another stream of income for yourself on the side. But being thankful for the money that is already coming in allows for more abundance to flow to you. You can get more if you are not thankful for what you already have.

3. Seek Out Opportunities. Are there any training or opportunities that your company offers or will pay for that can support you in your personal development or advancing in business? Any relationships or mentors that you might think are worth building that could potentially help you for the future? Are there any negative relationships that you have learned from or have taught you a valuable lesson? There are opportunities everywhere, your job is to identify where they are and use them to your advantage. Learn everything that you can, be like a sponge and soak up all useful information. I challenge you to find one opportunity in your job right now that can better your career and life.

4. Take Action & Make A Decision. You my dear have all the power. You are the creator of your destiny. The only thing that you need to do is make a decision and take action. So what do you really want? And how are you going to get it? There is nothing more motivating that making a decision and taking action can’t cure. So what is it going to be for you? You can be, do and have anything that you want. You call the shots, the time is now and the decision is up to you. What is it going to be?

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