Hit Rock Bottom? Keep Going.


Feel like you have hit rock bottom?

In moments like these everything can feel beyond frustrating. I have been there many times within my career, business, family & love life.

We can start questioning ourself, our dreams & our abilities. We can beat ourselves up quicker than a raging fire. We question ourselves:

“Am I ever going to get there?”
“Is this ever going to work for me?”
“Why hasn’t this worked yet?”
“When am I going to get where I want to be?”
“Why does this work for so many others and not me?”
“What am I doing wrong?
“Maybe I am just not cut out for this and need to just quit?”

I see you. I hear you.
I see you working on your dreams.
I see you working on yourself.
I see you questioning if this is all going to work out.
I see you wondering when the big break will happen for you.

And what I want to say is keep going.

The most successful people face the most adversity.

You are only given as much as you can handle. (Some of us should be considered rockstars then lol).

Everyone feels like they want to quit at one time or another, but the difference between the quitters and the successful ones are that the successful ones do not quit, they keep going even through the pain, struggle and hard times.

Keep your eye on the prize, make your “why” so big that it will not allow you to quit.

Anyone who has achieved great success has gone through many failures, obstacles and hard work.

Change your should’s into MUSTs. Shift your perception. Change your mindset.

This is your greatest weapon against the “I am not good enough” thoughts and feelings.

Some ways to do this are the following:

1. Write it out. Where are you headed this year, what are your goals, intentions & plans that you have for yourself and truly “see”, “visualize” and “feel” them as if you are already living and experiencing them.

2. Fear or Faith. You have a choice you can either focus on fear or focus on faith. Remember where focus goes energy flows. You get to choose your focus.

3. Write out ALL of the things that you have to be grateful for today AND all of the things that you are to be grateful for in the future. All of the connections you will make, all the clients that you have and will attract. Relationships that you have built and still have yet to build. All the money you have made and still have to make! Being grateful for the things you already have while being thankful for all of the things to come is key in success.

4. Surrender it all. The Universe has your back, but you have to trust that everything is working out for your highest good even though at times it doesn’t feel as such. Stop trying to control everything. It might not happen on your timeline but on God’s. Relax, trust, surrender and have faith. Stop trying to figure out the how.

5. Stop. Drop. & Meditate. Sometimes you need to stop, drop & meditate (and take a few breaths). The moment you calm your mind and release your thoughts is the moment where you receive guidance. When you are relaxed, unattached and calm things start to gravitate to you.

6. Vent it out to a supportive friend, coach or therapist. Sometimes you just need to talk it out and be heard and totally understood without judgement.

There are so many things behind the scenes that are being prepared for you. The Universe is just waiting for you to be ready, be willing to do the work and waiting to work with you. Keep going and don’t stop 5 minutes before your miracle.

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