6 Week Intensive Business Group Coaching For Women Entrepreneurs: How To Catapult Your Business To The Next Level!



Virtual Business Coaching Group Starts February 22nd!

Ladies I am proud to announce my 6 week intensive virtual business group coaching for entrepreneurs who want to catapult their business to the next level in 2011!

Over the years I have literally been the “go-to-girl” for business advice among many of my friends, clients, peers and acquaintances (all who I might add keep coming back for more!) and this has been my inspiration for creating this business coaching group. I want to share all of the tools, techniques and strategies that I have personally learned and used in both of my businesses to catapult them to the next level.

This program is for the woman who is dedicated, committed and ready to roll up her sleeves, put her big girl panties on and work her business like a ROCKSTAR so that she can make a HUGE impact in the world!

If you are an entrepreneur who feels:

* frustrated because you are not where you WANT to be in your business

* overwhelmed with which activity to do next in your business that will bring you the most ROI (return on investment)

* tired and wants to learn how to work smarter not harder in their business

* inspired to build an empire that will impact & help hundreds, thousands and even millions of people

THEN this program is FOR YOU!

In this 6 Week Intensive you will walk away with:

  • Unique Strategies That Will Create A Sustainable Business
  • Proven Tools & Techniques That I Have Used To Grow My Own Business
  • Being Held Accountable In Order To Help You Stay Motivated & On Track
  • Being Supported, Surrounded & Masterminding With Other Like-Minded People In The Group (*Cool Proven Benefits of Masterminding In This Article http://bit.ly/5SH5zc )
  • How To Easily, Effortlessly & Consistently Attract Your Ideal Clients
  • Your Own Unique Signature Marketing Plan That Works For Your Business
  • Opportunity For One-On-One Laser Coaching Within The Calls
  • Valuable Worksheets From Each Class

Ladies if you are READY to make a sustainable change in your business and are sick of doing the same old stuff and WANT to see RESULTS in your business then this program is for YOU!

I WANT to see your business CATAPULT to the next level! I am dedicated to supporting, coaching, strategizing and guiding you with ALL I GOT BABY! Studies have shown working with a coach yields an average return on investment (ROI) of almost six times the cost of coaching!!

Check out more deets here:

WHO: I am ONLY accepting 5 LUCKY LADIES into the program to keep it highly personalized!

WHEN:  Tuesdays at 7pm – 8pm EST – 2/22, 3/1, 3/8, 3/15, 3/22, 3/29

WHERE: Via Phone – All calls are 60 minutes long (once you have been accepted into the program a number and pin will be sent to you). All calls will be recorded & sent out to you, but it is highly recommended that you attend each call to get the full benefit of the program.

Any additional questions please contact me via email: kellylynnadams@tmo.blackberry.net

If you are ready to join the 6 Week Intensive Business Coaching Group click below!

Investment: $300

(10% of the Proceeds Will Be Donated To Women For Women International)

Click Below To Pay In Full $300


Click Below To Pay $177.50 in 2 Installments



“I have never been one to think I need a coach but I decided to sign up for a call and see where it took me. Within 15 minutes of being on the phone, Kelly Lynn helped me to forget every fear I had and just talked about all of the things that truly made me happy. It was so easy speaking with Kelly Lynn and being able to relate on so many levels based on our personalities. Kelly Lynn is so unbelievably understanding, supportive, and great listener. I feel like I can trust her with anything I say and I know that I will be getting the best advice from her. Her dedication to this type of work shows that she not only cares about what she does but she always puts her clients first which was one reason why I decided to have Kelly Lynn as my coach. If you were like me and have always had this idea that you do not need a coach, I encourage you to listen to Kelly Lynn’s videos and take her advice. She knows exactly what she is talking about. Not only do I have a coach, and yes it was I can admit it now, but I also have a friend and an inspiration for the rest of my life.” ~Katie

“Working with Kelly Lynn has been such a gift. Her energy and enthusiasm is so inspiring. We would talk on the phone, and I could feel such warmth and love just from her voice. She is an attentive listener and really helped me break away from the negative thought patterns that have been controlling my life. I came to her with questions about my career, and she helped me see so many possibilities that I had never even considered. We made plans each week to address issues that would come up for me, and the results were astounding. I always felt encouraged, motivated, and loved. And now I have a go to person! I am so grateful. I highly recommend Kelly Lynn as a coach. She is an incredible woman with so much to offer, and I can assure you that she will help you grab life by the reins and find happiness.” ~E.O.

The Weekly Deets:

2/22 – Welcome Call

  • A “Meet & Greet” With Everyone In The Group
  • The Importance Of Intention Setting
  • Personalized Business Value Assessment

3/1 – Business Mindset

  • A Unique Tool That Will Catapult Your Business
  • An Exercise That Will Align Your Business With Your Purpose
  • The Psychology Behind Why People Buy

3/8 – Your Ideal Client & How To Attract Them To Your Business & Website

  • Tools & Techniques To Attracting Your Ideal Client Easily, Effortlessly & Consistently
  • Techniques  To Convert Potential Ideal Clients Into Happy Clients and Happy Clients Into Raving Fans

3/15 – How To Build A Qualified “List” & Website Must Have’s

  • #1 Activity That Will Build You A Consistent, Sustainable Business & Catapult Your Business To The Next Level
  • Unique Ways To Drive Consistent Traffic To Your Website
  • Elements That Must Be Present Within Your Website

3/22 – Your Marketing Funnel – Is It Flowing?

  • How To Create Your Own Unique Signature Marketing Plan That Works For Your Business
  • What Are The Must Have’s In Your Marketing Plan

3/29 – Self Care & Self-Love For Entrepreneurs

  • How To Create More “Me” Time While Being An Entrepreneur Who Is Taking Her Business To The Next Level
  • Fun & Creative Ideas For “Me” Time
  • How To Juggle It All While Staying Balanced & Fulfilled

For Any Further Questions Please Contact: info@KellyLynnAdams.com

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