6 Secrets To Improving Your Results


As an entrepreneur you can get pulled in many different directions causing you not be as focused as you would like to be. As 9 to 5’ers growing a business on the side, time is a limited resource and in order to make a true impact within business focus, drive and passion will become your best friends.

It can seem like you are working on your business 24/7 yet the results that you want don’t seem to be showing up for you. How can the effort that you are putting forth yield the results that you want?

How can you improve your results so that you don’t feel like there is any wasted effort?

I have made many mistakes and have wasted a lot of time. Today I want to share with you some proven “secrets” that have worked for me in order to increase and improve my results within my business.

Remember success does not come over night and the most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that it takes patience, persistence, hardwork, determination and daily right actions in order for sustainable success to happen.

The 6 secrets that have aided in my success throughout the years are the following:

1. Carve Out Time. Wake Up Earlier. Stay Up Later. The most important point is that you carve out uninterrupted time for you to get things done. This has to be a non-negotiable in your business and life. Ask yourself how bad do you want your dreams. If you are not wiling to carve out time in the morning or night then you don’t want it bad enough. Driven people are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. You have to be focused, determined and your why (your motivation) has to be so big that you are unstoppable at taking action.

2. Make A Plan. An action plan that gets created and then implemented is priceless. If you do not make a specific plan how can you ever manage and measure your progress. Every business needs a plan and what’s even more important is that you take action on that plan.

3. Write Down Your Goals. My mentor Todd Herman says any goal over 90 days is a vision. While visions are great to have, short-term goals can change your life. Creating and writing down your goals into 90 days increments allows you to stay focused on only those specific goals and take aligned action. When you write down your goals they become real and when you look at them everyday and take action you will always yield results.

4. Delegate. You are not a superhero. You are not a machine. You are human. You cannot do it all. In the beginning of any business we might have to do it all for a little while but this should not be the norm. In order to move to that next level you need to delegate out the tasks that someone else can do so that you can stay in your zone of genius. For me I do not like to clean so hiring a cleaning lady while I am working on my business is pure heaven to me! It allows me more time with my business while I hire an expert to do what I do not like to do.

5. Learn From Other High Achievers. Identify mentors, other entrepreneurs that are really good at something and who are further along in their journey and learn from them. You can learn from your own mistakes but why not shorten the learning curve and learn from someone who has been there and done it.

6. Build Relationships. If it is one thing that I have learned over the years is that relationships are more important than currency. Relationships are super important in business, they can open doors for you, become your next six-figure partnership or connect you with a huge opportunity. Similar to taking care of a plant or an animal, relationships have to be cultivated, maintained and kept up. Make sure you start connecting with others, building strong relationships and being of service to others.

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