3 Tips I Use To Organize My Day


“Either your run your day or the day runs you.” Jim Rohn

This powerful statement is true. While so many of us have all the right intentions of getting things done, before we know it the day is over. We are exhausted, we have done everything for everyone else yet we haven’t accomplished anything that was on our original to-do list for that day.

So how can we minimize distractions and take back our power so that we can run our day effectively?

I wanted to share 3 tips that I use to organize my day. These 3 tips help me to accomplish my most important to do’s of the day.

1. Set Sacred Time. Many of us are on the go all the time. We checking our phones the minute we get up and answer the demands of others before we even focus on ourselves. The way you start your day sets the tone for the rest of your day. The key to an organized and productive day is to first set sacred time for yourself. Whether you start off your day meditating, reading, journaling, praying or exercising you must make sure you do something that you love.

2. Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize. It is so important that you prioritize everything from your values, to your to do list, to what you put in & on your body and mind. Focusing on the right things at the right times is absolutely necessary. If you are juggling a lot at the same, it is critical that you focus on the things that need to get done first. It is also critical to prioritize taking care of yourself, drinking more water, eating the right foods and getting enough sleep to be able to perform to your most optimal level! Identifying your goals and non-negotiables is necessary and will make your life so much easier.

3. Sunday Night Planning. Each sunday night I carve out time to set up my week for success! I plan for the week, and set 3 priorities for each day. When you take time and plan for the upcoming week you feel empowered and organized. I also take sunday nights to cook my meals for the week as well as look at my finances to see what money is coming in and going out. So if you want to feel peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment make sure to take some time out and plan for the week ahead!

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